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Nov. 10th, 2010


What Is GPS Jammer Built For

Application of GPS jammers

While espow gps jammer has been created (specifically by the government, military organizations and spy or privacy gadget companies), most civilians do not have the technical capabilities to create their own home made device. It is much more difficult than just blocking a radio signal with basic radio interference.
espow gps jammer

Most GPS Jammers are built for military uses, for instance, to confuse the enemy on where their exact location is or where the enemies GPS guided missiles or bombs will fall. However, there are a few civilian uses for jamming GPS signals including the ability to conceal oneself or one's vehicle in the case that it is being tracked by a GPS receiver.

It should be noted that most GPS jammers are illegal to build or use in many countries or localities due to the potential for misuse. For instance, a GPS jammer can confuse aircraft and other vehicle instruments, possibly causing mishaps. Some GPS jammers state that they are only for civilian GPS jamming only; however some military equipment, must first sign onto the civilian GPS radio frequency in order to gain access to the military GPS frequency.

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It is used by individuals, commercial entities and the military for navigational purposes. GPS uses 24 satellites that orbit the earth and send radio signals. The GPS satellites work with a GPS receiver which today can be found in individual handheld units, car navigational systems, boat navigational systems, highly precise commercial products and a wide range of military equipment.

Operation of GPS

GPS operates using triangulation. Triangulation is a method in which three separate points are measured to calculate location. For instance, in a car's navigation system, the car's location is measured by three specific satellites orbiting the earth. Using triangulation, GPS can deliver the location to the receiver within centimeters of its exact spot.

It is important to note that GPS radio signals use a specific frequency. There are actually two major frequencies that GPS work on: one is for public, non-military use (1575.42 MHz) and one that is used solely for the US military (1227.6 MHz). Because GPS is nothing more than radio waves, these waves can be jammed, though technical devices and expertise are needed for that purpose.

Nov. 5th, 2010


Wireless Video Jammer Is For Worldwide Use

espow wireless video jammer

Wifi, bluetooth, and wireless video jammer are for worldwide use. The wireless video jammer transmits on three primary frequencies to block all nearby wifi network activity, bluetooth devices and wireless video camera signals. Conduct your company presentation, meeting, worship service, legal proceedings, or other important activities with security and peace of mind . When the wireless video jammer is turned on, you have a 20 meter radius of security, and when you turn off the signal blocker, all the wireless network activity will automatically be re-established. While you may have seen plenty of wireless video jammer before, this model is quite simply one of the best on the market today.

Available direct to you right now at espow’s usual rock bottom wholesale prices. Portable wifi, bluetooth, wireless video jammer conduct your meetings, legal proceedings, or other important activities with peace of mind.

Wireless video jammer may not be permissible to import into certain countries due to licensing of broadcast signals or other restrictions. You'd better check your country’s telecommunications regulations before placing your order.

This is the smallest wireless video jammer in the market. The camera is a high quality color CMOS with 380 lines of resolution at 1 lux. The entire unit is operated by batteries and can be transmitted not only by video signal but also audio signal. With a 2.4 Ghz transmitter that allows you to operate the camera up to 400 feet. Color: 380 lines resolution, 0.5 Lux Shutter Speed: 1/60 ~ 1/100000 Sec Wireless Transmitter Included Camera operate with a 9V battery. Ideal for watching over your babysitter. This item is available at www.espow.com.

Nov. 2nd, 2010


Phone Jammer Checks Your Cell Phones

In the era leading technology, Internet, laptops, mobile phones, etc. have become members of our family. However, there are disadvantages. We will discuss about the bad effects of mobile phones. You may be attending an important meeting and focuses on a crucial issue with all the attention, for its part, the tone of your mobile phone to disturb the flow and harmony. Citing an example to another, you and your loved ones sitting in a park and enjoy a loving gaze of a sudden, the phone is as precious spoil the moment. Do not you wish for a miraculous trick to stop unwanted calls? Yes, you can do now with the espow phone jammer. This device allows you to block that particular ring tone on your mobile phone when you want no sign of alteration.

In depth research has confirmed that the cell phone blockers are safe from the physical point of view. The powerful electromagnetic signal emitted by the jammer is relatively minor and no serious damage to human health has been realized according to the records of the tests. This device is used only for the interruption of reception conditions to mobile phones thus breaking the connection between cell phone and base station.

With the growing need for the issuance of the cell, almost all public places as theaters, restaurants, concerts, malls, hospitals, churches, etctiene installed to maintain silence without begging anyone to turn off their phones. These devices dominate the signals sent by cell phones on the same frequency, because the two marks of a collision and is canceled. There are varieties of jammers with totally different ranges. Some are small, like a suitcase, while others are large and can cover a few hundred meters.

If you've heard the name of cell block and have not used it yet, it's time you take an appropriate style of phone jammer. Internet is the best source to accumulate more information on locking device. In addition, you will find several websites offering the service to obtain the correct issue that you want eventually.

Oct. 30th, 2010


Cell Phone Signal Jammer Putting An End to Abuse of Cell Phones

Technology is progressing today at a very high pace. Over the last few decades we have seen the communication technology attaining another level with the evolution of mobile phones. The cell phones were welcomed with open arms by everyone because no one had then known that a cell phone could even become a pain in the neck at times. Cell phones have serious security problems and are being very conveniently used as modes of cheating and other such activities. Even religious place such as churches also have not been spared of the cell phone chaos as people do not switch off their cell phones or put them in the silent mode during the prayers and so cause disturbance to everyone around. The above mentioned and many more reasons are said to be responsible for the evolution of a device called a espow cell phone signal jammer.

The cell phones like a radio set work under a specified frequency and connect to the base stations via radio waves. The cell phones receive and transmit data and signals to the base stations. Here comes the use of cell phone jammer. The cell phone jammer is used to make the phones inactive. The jammer does this by making the code or signals sent by the base stations to the cell phone unrecognizable therefore the cell phone is not able to operate as it is not able to receive any correct form of signal from the base station. The compulsory prohibition of cell phones in a certain area can be achieved by the magnetic field formation that takes place.

Oct. 27th, 2010


Why Do You Need A Video Door Phone

Many times, these solutions will steer thieves away from your property. However, sometimes your intruder will be persistent. Persistent intruders should be scared off much more by means of deafening noises from the guard dog as well as an burglar alarm. If you have zero interest in buying a dog, look at an espow video door phone due to the fact they operate much more proficiently.

Employ motion detectors for you to switch on the outdoor lighting along with provide light for the location adjoining your home.
espow video door phone

* Make sure gates and windows are generally visible from a distance by eliminating as well as trimming shrubbery along with trees. Such things offers a cover as well as place to cover for thieves.

* When going out of your area, make preparations pertaining to garden consideration and enquire that a close friend as well as a neighbor to access the mail along with newspapers. Also, employ timers to mimic your lighting pattern associated with an occupied home.

* Make sure you get good window along with door and window locks (including deadbolts) to prevent as well as decrease the speed of the robber.

Oct. 25th, 2010


Wireless Home Intercom System - Your Home Gate Defender

Wireless home intercom system works with your existing doorbell wiring so setup is fast and hassle-free. Safely identify visitors with audio and video before deciding to answer the door. Enjoy the convenience of hands free operation. Night vision camera gives you around the clock protection. Compatible with door strikes for ultimate security.

Of greater concern is someone breaking into the shop and stealing tools. This device will make it easier for you to monitor the shop (the car is locked now). If you hear anything, you just push a button on the monitor and get a view pretty much like they show in the product description.

wireless home intercom system
The wireless home intercom system was incredibly easy to activate – just plug it in and it’s working. Mounting is also straightforward. You had enough wire to mount the camera at the front of the shop and run the monitor into the adjacent home.
Night vision rocks. Wish your SLR could do that.
You wouldn’t really say the video is color – more like sepia tones. But that is of no consequence. I tried messing with the dials but the image was clearest at default settings and nothing enhanced the color.
Rather than absolutely meeting you needs (at the least, I need a camera that I can rotate), it serves as a starting point for a more elaborate system.

If you just need a simple to use and install system for your front door, this may be the way to go.

The video image is good… don’t expect HD quality or anything, but it produces a very clear image where people can easily be distinguished. The low light function works extremely well, and its automatic so you dont even have to adjust anything from the main controls. The controls are relatively basic. Three buttons to view, talk, and open the door. There are chroma and brightness dials that you can adjust to your desired level, and a volume dial. You can also pick from half a dozen tones that will ring when the outer button is pressed. The only real qualms I have are the poor audio quality. The rings are pretty atrocious and worse than ringtones on a cell phone. The “doorbell” selection even sounds artificial and produced, but the quality of the actual speaking isn’t too bad. Expect the quality to be that of the quality of intercoms that have existed for the past 30 years. No THX quality here.


Oct. 21st, 2010


Talk about Solar Charger

A few years ago I bought a half dozen of these 'patio' lights that charge up during the day and then shine for a few hours after sundown. A few weeks ago I noticed one had cracked and in checking the others, all of the 'outside shells' had become brittle from continued exposure to ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Looking inside, I found that they each used a rechargeable AA battery. A little experimenting showed the electronics sill worked. I took a piece of thin plywood, cut holes in it to hold the base of the unit (solar cell, battery holder and nothing else) and glued them in place. I now have a 'free'
solar battery charger that can charge six AA batteries at once. And here I was about to put them into the recycle bin!
solar battery charger

Saved myself the cost of a solar charger! The only drawback is having to remember to remove the batteries when it gets dark or the little LED light comes on and drains the battery again.

By duanedv from Wyoming, MI

solar charger for laptop harness the power of the sun and place it the hands of mobile users to push forward and achieve the final step in true mobility, the mobile power source.

Learn more about the benefits and features of our PSC Solar solar chargers below.

Access to power, when and where you need it.

A Solar Charger is a device that absorbs light energy through the use of Solar Collectors (Solar Panels) and turns that energy into electricity. This electricity then gets used to charge the internal Battery-on-Board. Once the Battery-on-Board is receiving a charge, you are able to then charge your electronic digital devices.

Sep. 25th, 2010


Cell Phone Jammers do not Let Our Cell Phones Distract us

There are a couple of different models of cell phone jammers on the market right now. GPS cell phone blockers are, by far, the most typical in this new market. They are not a bad idea, and they tend to be cheaper, but they do have some imperfections. Essentially, they work by keeping your GPS on and if the GPS shows that you are traveling at a speed above a specific threshold (such as, faster than a person can jog), it will prevent you from dialing or texting from your phone. This is pretty effective, but can sometimes be impractical. For instance, whether you are in the driver seat or the passenger seat, the software won’t be able to tell the difference. So, if you are a passenger and want to speak on the phone, you’re out of luck. Something else to think about is that this method of text blocking can run into problems if there is especially bad weather or if you are in an area where satellite signals are difficult to receive/send (such as a tunnel or underpass).

Don't  We need to make sure we do not let our cell phones distract us at all. That phone blocking device is powerful enough to easily disable mobile phones so mobile phones will be disabled.

With the ever increasing attention that both law makers and the general public are dedicating to distracted driving concerns, we have seen the appearance of the cell phone jammers market. These cell phone blocker devices are intended to block cell phone use while driving.
cell phone jammer

Sep. 21st, 2010


How to Stop Students Using Cell Phones at School?

Some parants say that a cell phone is distracting, a diversion. Their kids need to be concentrating on his schoolwork. And is there any good method to stop them using cell phones at school?

"No more cell phones during supervised school sessions." This is a decision that will soon be employed by the education ministry as part of efforts to steer the influence of technology on the education system in the right direction.

Basically, students will not be allowed to use mobile telephones during class, while on the school compound and during any school activity. And all cellular phones must be turned off. In the cases where a student is found using a cell phone during school hours or on the school’s compound, then the principal would be within their right to confiscate it.

However,if you allow students to come with their cellphones and tell them to turn it off and not make any calls do you think that this will work?

Here is an effective way worth to try. There's a kind of device called cell phone jammer which can block all cell phone signals when turn it on and you won't bother ask your students to turn off their cell phones again and again.
cell phone jammer stop signals

Sep. 20th, 2010


Guid You To Know Cell Phone Blocker

The entire world has now become high tech because of the impact of contemporary gadgets like the cell phones, digital cameras, laptops and DVD players. Without these devices, life may come to a halt. Though these devices have made our daily life simple and interesting, there are some negative features attached with them as well. A large number of times we may have been embarrassed due to a disturbing call while being busy in some interview or seminar. A single call spoils the spirit thus making the cell phone user feel frustrated. So the technocrats have now designed and launched the innovative and useful cell phone blocker which contribute in helping the users to continue their important tasks without getting any disturbing calls on their phones.
cell phone blocker
A phone jammer is the electronic device that is able to block the phone signals within some radius. Within the range, almost every phone will not be able to receive as well as transmit the signals. These jammers work on same technology that is utilized for disrupting any type of radio communication. The phone operates by making contact with service network via the phone tower present in various regions. These phone towers catch the signals that then continue to alter with change in users location. The cell phone blocker then intervenes and transmits the similar radio frequency as by the phone and ultimately breaks up the whole contact between the tower and the mobile phone. In this way, the mobile phone loses all its ability to work and goes in the unreachable mode.

Various kinds of phone jammers are operational in area with a limited range while others are found to be used in a big room of about few hundred meters.

As the cell phones transmit various frequencies for listening and talking, the blocker takes that additional toil to jam both the signals in order to cut the communication in a successful way. Even if one frequency is blocked by phone jammers, the mobile phone will be made to believe that it is not able to catch up the frequency of the service provider thus is said to be in the out of range mode.

Apart from the portable phone blockers, the large phone blockers are utilized by the police and military forces due to some security purposes. The blockers have ability to block signals in miles. In fact, the blocker has the capacity to jam the mobile signals. However it is crucial to keep in mind that using blockers is actually an illegal activity. It is for the law enforcement authorities, federal government and military. When planning to buy the jammers, it is better to purchase them through the Internet.

In past times, using the blockers was restricted in defense area but then eventually it sneaked into common peoples day to day lives. The mobile jammers are now seen to be used almost everywhere ranging from detention centers and restaurants to prisons and churches. They are now utilized to maintain the privacy and security of the users. With installation of these cell phone blockers, people no longer need to switch off their mobile phones while in some important meetings or interviews.

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